About me

My name is Inés Freire, I'm 18 years and I'm studying Fashion Design in Barcelona. 
Me llamo Inés Freire, tengo 18 años y soy una estudiante de Diseño de Moda en Barcelona. 

I would like to begin this mentioning that since I was very young I love fashion, all that this entails and all it can generate in society, mainly some revolutionary changes to artistic expressions. After this little introduction, I must say I decided to start my fashion studies as soon as I could, and when I was fifteen I took my first course about fashion, called "Introduction to Fashion Design", which lasted one month, in Felicidad Duce School in Barcelona. Nothing serious yet, though, because at this age, people tend to think that it is a fad that will pass with time. This course taught me how to develop a collection, the process of inspiration, how to sketch and how to present a portfolio. After this course, I wanted to learn more about fashion, so the following year, I took another one-month course at the same school; this time the course was focused on patterns and tailoring. 
With these two courses done, the following year, I set myself a challenge: I had to do a design every day for one hundred and fifty days. All these exercises made me find my style and gain freedom in my illustrations and mental agility, to be a quickly creative mind.
With this base, I decided to work during the summer I turned seventeen. As I wanted to do something related to fashion, I got to work  in a design school in Barcelona, the "Istituto Europeo di Design" (IED). There I had the good fortune to attend the final presentation of the fashion collections, something that gave me a broader vision of the skills acquired at the end of their Fashion degree. On the other hand they also gave me the opportunity to organize the runway show of these collections and to get in touch with many experts in the world of fashion. 
Also thanks to this working experience in fashion , I have been doing book illustrations for a year. For now I have seven books published in Spain, one in Italy and two of them for Ipad as well. The illustrations do not clearly reflect my style, but it's something I'm not worried about, because it was the way to start earning money for myself, that I’ve been saving to be able to enter your design school. 
Once tucked in the working world, I decided to create a customizable T-shirt collection. The initiative is only one month old but I've had some errands and it gradually seems to get bigger and bigger. 
The t-shirt collection is posted in my fashion blog called: thelatestwordinfashion.blogspot.com, where I  blog about fashion. 
I would also mention that last summer I  took a fashion course at Central Saint Martins, that made me see that it is really there I want to study. The timing of learning is very fast and hard and I think that you need to have this type of education if you want to get a recognized job in the fashion world.
Finally, I just add that I have now begun to study fashion design, the degree, in Barcelona, where I  have been able to get in and all with good notes so far this year, so I hope that you also have this  in mind. 
To end this , I just remark that I love fashion, and that I approach my future, first of all studying fashion design, and once finished, working in costume design and lingerie design, to finally find what I really love about fashion design, and what I do best as a creative person.

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